This Page is a Living Style Guide for the Site.

The purpose of this page is to demonstrate the different elements and components used across the site. It gives me an idea how the look and sit in different scenarios. This particular block of text demonstrates how a paragraph is presented.

This is another paragraph which I've added to demonstrate the spacing between paragraphs.

Heading Level Two

Hyperlinks are coloured when hovered. What about some strong text. Now something emphasized text.

  • Bullet lists look like this.
  • Multi-level bulleted lists look like this:
    • This is a second level item

Heading Level Three

So far I've demonstrated h1, h2 and h3. Now lets look at some other types of things.

  1. Numbered lists look like this.
  2. Multi-level Numbered lists look like this:
    1. This is a second level item
Side on view of an owl
This is an example image caption.

This is an image with a caption. Images are full width by default. Images can also be left or right aligned.

This is a block quote. An author or source should be included with a block quote.

Below is an example of a table. I don't see these being commonly used across the site but I've styled one nonetheless.

Rank Player Club Goals
1 Sergio Agüero Manchester City 26
2 Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspurs 26
3 Diego Costa Chelsea 20
4 Charlie Austin QPR 18
5 Alexis Sánchez Arsenal 16

That was most of the things that will appear on an articles. Now lets look at some other stuff.


Text fields
This is a normal message
This is an error message
Radio List
Radio List - Inline
Check List
Check List - Inline
Select lists
Buttons and action bars
Anchor Text Link